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Differential block-based backup using rdiff-backup

Time has come for us to stop worrying about a safe, reliable and efficient (aka. cheap) backup strategy. After weeks of comparing lots of backup solutions we found the one we’re going to use from now on (for our *x infrastructure).

If you are looking for a solid and easy way to backup your data (from single files to full machines) rdiff-backup may be your weapon of choice. While backing up your data from a given source directory (or set of directories) it preserves all meta-information and in theĀ end provides a full copy of the source directory with extra reverse diffs that are stored in a special subdirectory of that target directory. This way you can recover your files easily by copying them back to their original location with cp, but you may also go back in time and recover files you deleted (or modified) a specified period of time ago. It fully resembles the features of Apples “TimeMachine” while being introduced in mid 2001.

rdiff-backup is available for all major platforms (yes – even Windows) and is licensed under GPL.

For more information, visit the rdiff-backup website.